Thursday, September 27, 2012

Working Girl

Working Girl
Clover Canyon pants, Alexander Wang top, Louboutin heels, Zara tote

The old adage "dress for success" seems a little outdated these days. In a world where some of the most successful CEOs in the world are donning a uniform of jeans and t-shirts to work, does what you wear to work really matter? I work in the fashion industry, but my workplace is EXTREMELY casual. It becomes easy to forget that cut-off denim and sneakers would be totally inappropriate in most work environments. And of course, what you wear won't make you successful. But I do think that looking professional makes you feel professional, and that self-confidence can make you walk a little taller, be a little more vocal, and indirectly perhaps, lead to success. 

The goods news is that work attire isn't the stuffy 3-piece suits of our parents and grandparents. Today, you can (and should!) still be stylish even when looking like your most professional self. Printed pants that are everywhere now are the perfect statement piece to accompany with your closet basics - a crisp white button down, basic but beautiful black pumps, and a structured tote large enough for your laptop and notebook.

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